Our Cyber Security and IT Consultation Services Portfolio

Clydesec Services is a Result Driven Team that focus on the constant upgrade of digital security of every business, irrespective of the industry and the target market. We work on creating and enhancing the system of safe digital solutions that would deliver effective cybersecurity and also protect the key investment of the business.
Our team consists of individuals who have notable rich domain expertise in some of the multi faceted and effective industry like Aviation, Automobile, Healthcare, finance and compilance. We handled the number of aspects when it comes to strengthen the digital security of the business.
Governance Risk &
  • ISO 27001, PCI-DSS
  • GDPR
  • Gap Assessment & Consulting
  • Security Control/Solution Implementation
Information Technology & Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • IT Infra Gap Assessment & Consulting
  • Server, Network Hardening as per CIS, NIST Standard Frameworks
  • Patch Management
IoT Security
  • Data Collection & Privacy
  • Industrial Automation
  • Connected Device Management
  • Data Transfer, Storage Security
  • Hardware/Embedded device firmware
Identity & Access Management
  • Authentication Service/Solution (SSO, MFA)
  • User Management Service
  • Directory Service
  • Authorization Service/Solution (PAM, PIM)